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Choose whether you would like to make a custom watch band or 3 piece set. 


Will come with 3 motivational/ inspirational charms, and you choose 3 or more bead colors. If you would like a watch band with one color, be sure to add one color option to your cart as well as the watch band. If you would like your watch band only 2 colors, be sure to add the 2 color option to your cart as well as the watch band. 


1 bracelet 1 motivational/inspirational charm. 
2 bracelets 1 motivational/inspirational charm. 

3 bracelets 2 motivational/inspirational charms. 

4 bracelets 2 motivational/inspirational charms. 

5 bracelets 3 motivational/inspirational charm. 

Adding bling and/or is available at additional cost. 


*Customer can choose to have no charms or they can choose to add more.
*Customer can choose to make their 3strand watch band a 4 strand (42/44 Apple watches only). 
*Customer will also have the option to pay a SKIP THE LINE FEE, which is $15. This will allow you to receive your watch band a lot sooner.

Once order is placed I will contact you to discuss your prep day and time. Customer chooses their own time on the days I send. PLEASE DO NOT MISS YOUR PREP‼️ Misses preps can/may result in late/reschedule fee or cancellation. 
Please be respectful of my time, for I will always be respectful of yours. 

**Custom orders have a turn around time (TAT) of 10 or MORE business days. TAT varies by how many orders are ahead of your at the time your order is placed.

custom orders are prepped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Custom is contacted on Sunday to choose their prep day & time. 
The charms/bracelets used on some of the pictures are only EXAMPLES your custom piece would look the way you want it to!

Prep is when the customer chooses their beads and charms. From the inventory I have on hand. Customers are contacted via text. And pictures are sent. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to click CHAT NOW and someone will be available to assist you.

Why choose us?

Reason one

Every beaded piece on this website, is handmade with love and the promise to make sure my late nephew Kobe lives on, with every item I sell.

Reason two

I will do all I can to make sure you love your purchase. I am always available for any questions/concerns you may have.

Perfect Pair

So what your watch is gold, go ahead purchase that watch band with silver charms and spacers! Also make sure you add the silver bling bumper to cover your gold watch face, and no one would ever know the difference.

Be proud of your Zodiac Sign! Purchase a Zodiac necklace, available in silver and gold. It is the perfect statement piece.

Both items can be found under products here on the website.