Starting in February, on the first of each month I will be posting 20 new items. 10 3 piece bracelet sets and 10 watch bands. Each will have 6 charms total. 
Watch bands can be made for apple. Samsung Fitbit Versa 2 and some MK watches. 
It will be YOUR responsibility to message me via CHAT WITH US or email mykobesky@gmail.com to let me know your watch style and size. 
If you do not message within 48 hours of your order being placed you will receive the size/style that’s available. This is for watch band orders. 



Regular price $88.00

MyKOBEintheSKY watch bands and 3 piece bracelet stacks comes with 9 charms. These bands are apart of the December sale. Discounted price last 24 hours. All MyKOBEintheSKY pieces are stretchable but will fit a 7-8in wrist perfectly. If you require a smaller or larger size you are to let me know immediately after placing your order. MyKOBEintheSKY makes watch bands for ALL Apple sizes and series (though series is not needed, only size). MyKOBEintheSKY also makes watch bands for Fitbit Versa 2, Garmin, some Samsung and some MK watches. it’s YOUR responsibility to message me IMMEDIATELY after placing your order, with your watch size and style if you have never ordered from MyKOBEintheSKY before or you get a new watch. 
10mm beads used.